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 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – We are here to help!


Web Design

Irish Website Statistics 2020

Irish Website Statistics 2020

Irish Website Statistics 2020 Arrow Design We GET BusinessIrish Website Statistics 2020 show Irish Business Growth Irish Website Statistics 2020 are looking great! The Covid-19 pandemic has had a noticeable effect on new .ie registrations in the first six months of...

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What is wordpress

What is wordpress

What Is WordPress? WordPress is a free, open-source website creation platform. WordPress is a "C.M.S." - a content management system. Wordpress is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. In non-technical language, WordPress is (arguably) the easiest and most...

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Irish Website Statistics 2018

Irish Website Statistics 2018

Irish Website Statistics 2018 Arrow Design We GET Business Irish Website Statistics 2018 show Irish Business Growth Irish Website Statistics 2018 are looking great! The biannual report released by the IEDR (Irelands domain registry agnecy)  found that new .ie domain...

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Software Design

Outsource MS Access

Outsource MS Access

Outsource MS Access?If you are wondering if your company should outsource MS Access, there is usually very little to weigh up. This post will quickly take a quick look at the main points you need to consider before choosing to complete your MS Access project in-house...

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Database Software Comparison

Database Software Comparison of what is available 2019 There is lots of database software available and all have pros and cons. Databases are the backbone of most of the systems we interact with daily. Databases have broad storing/searching functionality and allow for...

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MS Access

What is Microsoft Access

What is Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access often confuses people as it needs terms to describe it that make people eyes glaze over. Without complicating things too much, Microsoft Access is a program that allows you to store information and display it to you in weird...

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WordPress | Download files without ftp or cpanel access

WordPress | Download files without ftp or cpanel access Since WordPress doesn't have its own online file manager, admins have to change WordPress files via an FTP client or a web hosting control panel, like cPanel. However, this is a bit of an hassle, as the files...

WordPress SQL Statements

WordPress SQL Statements In this post you will learn about the ways to correctly run SQL statements through WordPress.   Using Arrays Below you can see an example of how to run SQL statements with the use of arrays. function...

WordPress Optimisation

Wordpress Optimisation There are a few ways to optimise a wordpress website and increase its performance. In this post we will show you 6 points to improve your website.   Remove unused plugins Often many plugins are installed on websites, some of which are also...

WordPress Development – Hooks

Wordpress Development - Hooks Hooks are used to modify or interact with code at a certain predefined point. Hooks are the basis for how WordPress themes and plugins interact with the WordPress core and they are also used by the core itself. There are already many...

WordPress Development – Filters

Wordpress Development - Filters Filters are one of the two types of hooks. With Filters it is possible to change data during the execution of WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes and are therefore the counterpart to Actions. Filters work in isolation and therefore have...

WordPress Cron Jobs

WordPress Cron Jobs Cron Jobs is intended to run scheduled tasks on web servers. Wordpress has a built-in Cron Jobs system that allows you to publish scheduled posts, for example. In this tutorial you will learn how Cron Jobs works and how to view and use it in...

Woocommerce Support Declaration in Third Party Theme

Woocommerce Support Declaration in Third Party Theme Woocommerce Support is very significant after WooCommerce 3.3.0 - in the event that your theme doesn't contain this in your functions.php file, there's a decent opportunity any Woocommerce templates you add...

Woocommerce Single Product Page Hook Guide

Woocommerce Single Product Page Hook Guide In this article you will find a visual hook guide for the Woocommerce Single Product Page. This should help you to quickly and easily find the hook positions on the page. With the hooks, you can then overwrite your...

Woocommerce Redirect After Add to Cart

Woocommerce Redirect After Add to Cart In this post we will tell you why it can be beneficial to redirect an user to the Checkout Page after clicking the Woocommerce Add to Cart button and how you can do this with php code.   Why it can be beneficial Here are...

Woocommerce Product Attribute Hooks

Woocommerce Product Attribute Hooks In this post you will learn how to get the product sku, description, short description, regular price, shipping class and so on. You will not always have access to the $product variable, so in this tutorial you will see different...
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