What is Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access often confuses people as it needs terms to describe it that make people eyes glaze over. Without complicating things too much, Microsoft Access is a program that allows you to store information and display it to you in weird and wonderful ways. It is an “RDB”, which is just a fancy way of saying that the information that is it stores (and retrieves) is related. R=”relational” DB=”database”.


Why use Microsoft Access or Databases?

The terms used to explain ‘why Microsoft Access’ are often deemed techie terms. That being said, they usually try to describe something very long-winded with one word so they are usually self-explanatory(ish)…

Microsoft Access provides a platform to link your information and display (or send etc.) it to you in any way you need.

For example, to send a customer an invoice, the following might need to take place:

  • Open Customer Details
  • Check outstanding balance spreadsheet
  • Create an invoice using the customer details
  • Send an email to the customer

With Microsoft Access, everything in one place, saved once… and the email could be automated. Four Steps just became one and the invoice is stored without the need to store the customer details again as they are already on the database.

The benefits of Microsoft Access are easy to see in that (very) simplified version. Microsoft Access provides the platform to automate many tasks and make some issues with storing information less problematic. These issues include storing the same document lots of times with different names or in different places.

If you don’t want to know the “techie terms”, skip the below table and opt for the English version below it!

The key benefits to Microsoft Access are:

·         Data structure

·         Multi-User Access

·         Privileges

·         Reduced Data Redundancy

·         Normalization

·         Referential Integrity

·         Speed

·         Language

·         Data and Referential Integrity

·         Queries and Reports

·         Automation through Macros and VBA



(English Version) The key benefits to Microsoft Access are:

·         It does your filing for you, so you don’t keep losing things

·         You and whoever can have logins etc.

·         You can have private information, just for you!

·         It does your filing for you, so you don’t have several of the same document with different information on it

·         It allows information to be stored in the most normal way possible. (It can find things easy)


·         Speed (its actually slow in computer terms but still pretty damn fast…)

·         One language, no matter what country (or database) speaks to it

·         Force the best form or practice for linking information – relationships.

·         Look for information and display it how you need it.

·         Buttons to accomplish (almost) anything!



Typical uses for Microsoft Access include Reporting Databases, Invoice Systems, Stock Keeping Databases and more. Microsoft Access is very versatile and can be used to streamline business.

It can be used for automating almost all forms of repetitive computer task with a view to streamlining data related processes. It is a perfect platform for allowing for data drilling and individual data your business already saves.

If you need to download or buy MS Access (including trials) you can click here to visit the Microsoft Page

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