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Web Design Colour Psychology

Web Design Colour Psychology can influence us to make purchases.

The best websites and brand logos are coloured in a way that they stand out, make us feel the way they intend. Even though the topic has been much discussed by designers and psychology classes for many years but can be easily answered; if you look at how it is used by the big brands we browse every day. In doesn’t matter if its Mercedes’ crisp grey colours that make us feel like we need such a stature in our life to the Sun’s iconic colours of red against white, making us feel alert and adrenaline fueled, ready to read more.

…There is always method in the madness.

Colour Branding Works

Physocology of Web Design Colours

Bright Or Pushy?

Psychology of colours making you but online

Can Web Design Colour Psychology influence us?

Many are unsure; but there are always simple truths. If you search google scholar; ‘the psychology of colour’ you will see that it gets a lot of debate. The research usually shows that certain colours (and colour combinations) cause emotional reactions. It causes emotional reactions to a large percentage of us, but only some of the time. It interests us, but usually on a level we never notice, or at least, never take notice of.

There is a lot of money to be made from marketing your brand in the right way, so the largest brands out there put a lot of money into the research. There is a lot of good reason for them doing so but in the end, we don’t even notice when we hand them over our hard earned cash. If we take a look at some of Irelands favourite brand names, we can tell a lot. Your websites design should be tailored to your customers physiological emotions.

Web Design Colour Psychology Effects Us All

(Even if we don’t notice)



— Loyal —

– Parenting –

— Sincere —


— Passion —

— Daring —

— Young —


— Outdoors —

— Tough —

— Strong —


— Eternal —

— Lasting —

— Authority —

Web Design & Colour Coordination

The psychological principle known as the Isolation Effect states, in so many words, that the most stand out information is the most likely to be remembered. If you look at brands that stand out the most, they usually are made up of colours with the most contrast. The use of borders, backgrounds and overlays are used with highly contrasting colours – for good reason.

If the most vibrant colours are used wisely, in contrast with the right colours, the right impressions can be given. These contrasting colours can combine the emotions that are felt from viewing the individual colours. Irish Brand names that stand out, just like international brands, use contrasting colours to the best effect possible.



Stay calm and just buy me! Get angry and buy me! Believe me, trust me, need me, envy me BUT JUST BUY ME. Web design Colour Psychology can help your business. The psychology of colours is still true in all aspects of design; from painting, to web design.

Certain colours work wonders with moods and can help relax or even anger – whatever is needed.

We can easily see the Irish and International brands using them to great effect. Colours and colour schemes will generally bring about a certain feeling – but it will give different feelings to different people. For example, if a person has grown up in Ireland the colour green will usually remind them of home while very close countries link it to the environment. So to make the colours work best for your website, you should have a think about the customers you are aiming for – and build around them.

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