.ie websites registrations jump 30%

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.ie websites registrations jump 30%

.ie websites registrations jump 30%, according to the IE domain registry agency. The IEDR has stated that Irish Website Statistics continue to look good with domain registrations for the Irish only domain (.ie) sales rate increasing by almost 30%.

There were 51,040 new .ie domains were registered in 2018, which is up +29% on 2017, according to the IEDR’s latest .reporting. The IEDR has recently advised that the total .ie domains on their database has recorded 262,140 active domains at the end of 2018, up +10% on the previous year.

The IEDR have expanded on this information to state that there are many reasons contributing to this figure, as well as information about the wider .ie domain ecosystem. Some of the reasons that they have expanded on are:

  • 154 .ie domains were registered every day, from Jan – June, increases in 31 of the 32 counties of Ireland!
  • Total number of registered .ie domains was 252,222
  • Number of .ie domains registered in the first half of the year was 28,126
  • The county of Leitrim took the podium for most amount of .ie domains purchased by county
  • Ireland ranks 16th out of 22 for the number of country domains per 1000 people
  • Dublin boasts 78 .ie domains per 1,000 peopls
  • 75% of all Irish domains are owned by Irish businesses

David Curtin, the SEO of the IEDR has stated:

“2018 was a record-breaking year for .ie, and much of that success is owed to the registration rule change. We’ve made it easier and faster to register a .ie domain.

“Businesses and the self-employed continue to use their .ie websites to reach out and sell to new customers, and now increasingly individuals are registering their own .ie domain to secure, develop and build their own personal brand.

“Importantly, much of .ie’s growth is happening outside of Dublin, including the Border, Midlands and West region. There, many counties actually achieved higher overall growth in .ie registrations than the capital. As many of these .ie domains are registered by businesses, this upwards trend is also a good indicator of regional economic growth.

“The .ie brand remains distinct on the local and world stages. It is a managed space that is identifiably, authentically Irish. In an era where people’s trust in the online world is more important than ever, that reliability is crucial.”

So in summary, .ie websites registrations jump 30% – which is a great sign of the (pre-Brixit) times. Will it continue? We are cautiously optimistic.

To read more from the IEDR, click here.

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What is the meaning of these great Irish Website Statistics 2018?

Simply put; these website statistics reflect growth in technology platforms in Ireland and growth in Irish business as a whole! These statistics easily reinforce Irish economists growth forecasts. It is worth noting that just like all businesses, not all online businesses will succeed. Online presences need to be created properly and nurtured in the correct manor to stand a good chance of succeeding. All the parts need to work in harmony to gain growth within a highly competitive technological eco system. Great website platforms, great responsive webdesign and exceptional SEO and the right online security all need to come together to give an online business the best chance of growth.

Arrow Design can help with professional online growth so if you want to give your business the best possible start or a complete website overhaul – speak to us, we are here to help; always.

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