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Since WordPress doesn’t have its own online file manager, admins have to change WordPress files via an FTP client or a web hosting control panel, like cPanel. However, this is a bit of an hassle, as the files have to be downloaded to the local computer, then edited, and then uploaded again. But there is a plugin, the Advanced File Manager plugin, that allows you to edit the files in the WordPress backend. The files can be deleted, copied, renamed, the file permissions changed and more.

In this post you will learn how to install and use the Advanced File Manager plugin in WordPress.

Install the Advanced File Manager Plugin

You can install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. To do this, click on the navigation bar on the left side on “Plugins” –> “Add New”, search for “Advanced File Manager” and click first on “Install” and then on “Activate”.


Use the Advanced File Manager Plugin

After activating the plugin, there is a new menu item on the left:

There you will see all the files and you can directly delete/copy/rename/zip etc. them, No need to use a FTP client or cPanel anymore.


What you can do with the Advanced File Manager Plugin

The key features of the plugin are:

  • Editable Root Directory Path
  • Files Access
  • User and File Operations
  • PDF Preview
  • Move to Trash Feature
  • Drag and drop:
  • Archives
  • Image Edit:
  • Video and Audio Preview/Play:
  • File Search
  • Upload
  • Browsing History:


As you have seen in this post, it is easy and also useful to install a plugin for editing WordPress files. You can read more articles here:


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View the plugin on WordPress repository


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