10 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2021


In the past year, the importance of digital marketing has risen very quickly. With a number of businesses shifting online, it has become a tough competition to attract consumers in the digital world. Due to this, there are quite a few digital marketing techniques and different tools which businesses can look for to gain the attention of existing and potential customers.

As a business owner, you might find it slightly confusing to pick and choose the best digital marketing tools and keep up with new trends. Well, for 2021, we have rounded up some of the top ones that could help your business grow in a short span of time.

  1. Google Analytics

This is one tool that every business should look into and use to monitor the progress of their e-commerce platform or website. The digital marketing service that was launched by Google in 2005 has and continues to become popular with several companies. Given the benefits one can gain from this, it is no surprise.

Google Analytics can actually help you come up with effective digital marketing strategies and get to a higher conversion rate.  It provides detailed consumer reports, analysis of their behavior in real-time and many more technical insights that business owners can track to make improvements and engage their target audience.

  1. DesignMantic

A good way to gain an edge over the competitors is to incorporate a lot of visual content in design. This is where useful graphic design tools such as the DesignMantic logo maker can work really well. Around 80 percent people are more likely to remember impressive visuals than text which is why you should focus on using high quality images in design and for branding.

This tool can allow you to customize logos, create a user-friendly website, social covers, flyers, and build a memorable brand identity that requires minimal upgrades over time.

  1. SEMRush

It is basically an SEO focused tool for digital marketing which can give you an idea of the keywords to use in content marketing. As a business owner, SEMRush might be incredibly helpful as you could find out the most searched keywords, ongoing trends and even look up pay-per-click ads. The tool also tracks keywords and advertisements from competitors so you can keep a check on those too.

  1. HubSpot

This popular inbound marketing and sales software has a lot to offer to its users. With HubSpot, you can find marketing, CRM, sales and service tools that can help you engage with the consumers and view your performance.

The tool essentially allows business owners to market through e-mail lists, social media, create blogs and even make landing pages for their websites.

  1. MobileMonkey

The digital marketing tool is designed to make it easier for businesses to communicate with their target audience. With MobileMonkey, you can create a chatbot for Facebook messenger, Instagram, web pages and other platform with SMS service. It is quite simple to set up and is highly useful for answering questions about products and services, getting customer feedback and sending promotional content.

  1. Buffer

When it comes to managing social media in digital marketing, this tool has and can prove to be very effective. Buffer keeps a track of different social media accounts and networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You can use this software application in both website form and within smartphones.

The tool, which has more than 70,000 paying users, makes it possible for people to schedule posts on social media and give limited access to others for managing accounts.

  1. Buzzsumo

This is quite a powerful and fast tool that can allow you find out trending topics and discover content which is popular on different websites at any given time. For digital marketing, Buzzsumo is making things a lot easier. It gives business owners and marketers ideas for curating content and helps them up come up with targeted topics to attract consumers.

You can also find easily find blogs and articles related to the keywords relevant to your business.

  1. Social Animal

The digital marketing tool can be greatly useful for social media marketing and sharing informational or promotional posts on the web. Through Social Animal, you can get data analysis of the articles or blogs which generated the highest traffic. It also give insights on topics which you need to cover or avoid sharing.

There are features which you can use to get in touch with the right influencers for your brand and find out about successful Facebook page searches.

  1. AdRoll

With this digital marketing tool, business owners can effectively create a retargeting strategy. AdRoll basically allows people to monitor their ads and place them for maximum views on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and on the web as well. It helps you reach out to the target audience with its advanced tracking feature and is useful for spreading brand awareness quickly too.

  1. Dynamic Yield

It is one tool that allows the personalization of customer experience. So basically, you can manage and have your customer data analyzed through this platform. Its features include optimization, machine learning, direct messaging and recommendations based on algorithms which predict customer behavior. With Dynamic Yield, your business can become better with an improve digital and consumer experience.



To Sum Up on the 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

These digital marketing tools may be able to benefit you greatly in this year. You can use them to get your business off the ground and gain the attention of the consumers in a highly competitive market. If you have been thinking about investing in digital marketing, these tools are a good place to start from.



Author: Greg Shane

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