SQL for WordPress

In this post you will learn what SQL is, why it is important for WordPress and how to use it.


What is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a standardized programming language used for relational databases. With SQL it is possible to access and manipulate databases.


Why SQL is important in WordPress

WordPress is composed involving PHP as its prearranging language and MySQL as its information base administration framework. To use WordPress, you don’t actually have to learn both of them. Nonetheless, a basic understanding of the two could assist you with investigating issues as well as increment how you might interpret how WordPress functions (in the background). In this article, we will make sense of how WordPress utilizes the data set including an introduction to default WordPress data set tables. We will tell you the best way to deal with a WordPress database utilizing phpMyAdmin which will include creating database backups, optimizing the WordPress database, and more.


What a Database is and How WordPress Uses it

A database is a system for putting away and bringing information in a coordinated manner. Database permits programming to oversee information in a programmable manner. For instance: WordPress utilizes PHP (programming language) to store and recover information from the data set. The information stored in a WordPress database includes posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, custom fields, users, and other WordPress settings. At the point when you first install WordPress, it requests that you give a database name, host, username, and password. This data is saved in the configuration document called wp-config.php.


We hope this SQL for WordPress post was helpful and you now know more about SQL and it helps you with your own WordPress website! You can find more articles here:


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