MS Access – Why is my query not updateable

In this post you will learn what possible reasons can be why your MS Access query cannot be edited.

Possible Reasons

  • The database is on a read-only media, or the file attributes are read-only, or the database was opened read-only.
  • You have only read permission and no write permission.
  • It is a stacked query, where one query is based on another query that is read-only.
  • It has a GROUP BY clause in it, a Totals query is always read-only.
  • It has a TRANSFORM clause in it, a Crosstab query is always read-only.
  • In the query is a UNION, Union queries are always read-only.
  • In the SELECT clause is a First(), Sum(), Max(), Count(), etc., ueries that aggregate records are always read-only.
  • The query contains a DISTINCT predicate, set the unique values to No in the properties.
  • There is a subquery in the SELECT clause. To solve this problem, you should either use a domain aggregation function instead, or uncheck the show box under your subquery.
  • In the FROM clause there are multiple JOINs linking multiple tables, remove some of the tables.
  • The fields in the JOIN are not indexed correctly: there is no unique key/primary key.
  • The query’s Recordset Type property is Snapshot, this should be set to “Dynaset” in the properties.


As you learned in this post, there can be many different reasons why a query cannot be edited in MS Acces. Work through the list and check everything, then you will hopefully find your error! Read more articles here:


If you would like to read more about MS Access, please read our guide : ‘What are MS Access Objects

To read more about MS Access in general, view our ‘What is Microsoft Access‘ post or go to Microsoft.


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