How to Setup a Northwind Database

The Northwind database is a sample database for demonstration purposes. In it, you can see what an inventory and ordering system for a mail order dry goods company might look like. As an example, the Northwind Traders fictitious company that imports and exports specialty food products from around the world will be used.

In this post you will learn how to install this database on MS Access.

Step 1: Search for the Template

First you need to start MS Access and when the window opens, click on “New” on the left bar and then type in “northwind” in the search field.

How to Setup a Northwind Database

Step 2: Select the Database

In the second step you need to select the database, in this case select “Northwind”.

How to Setup a Northwind Database

Step 3: Create the Database

Next, enter a name for the database and select where the database will be stored. After that click on “Create”.

How to Setup a Northwind Database

Step 4: Log In to the Database

After the database installation you need to log in using a user that is provided. After choosing a user, click “Login”.

How to Setup a Northwind Database

Step 5: The Created Database

The Northwind database will open and is completely installed.

How to Setup a Northwind Database


As you have seen in the individual steps, it is very easy to install the Northwind database. You can read more articles here:


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