SEO Tips To Get To The First Page Of Google Ireland

Getting noticed by Google is not impossible. In fact, Google is nice enough to give google seo guidelines that just need to be read and followed to ensure that your web design is the way that they want it and does not break any rules they have. Getting ranked well in Ireland is often made easier by the fact that we are a small nation and not competing against millions of other websites. At Arrow Design we ensure that websites are built with googles best practices in mind and can help any website get to the position it needs to be. To start with, the following rules should always be followed.

Never Use ‘Black Hat’ Techniques

There are two types of techniques used for S.E.O. in Ireland and all over the world. White Hat which are good, google approved ways of ensuring that your website is written well and is of benefit to google and the world. Black Hat techniques are based on trying to trick google into giving you a better ranking and will only result in a very bad outcome for your website. Black hat methods such as embedding hidden links, buying dodgy back-links or keyword stuffing all can, (and will) result in your website being displayed poorly on google or possibly being dropped from their index. JUST DON’T DO IT.

A Descriptive Name Makes Life Easier

Your website name is very important and really should be called something that ‘is what it is’. If you are choosing to open a plumbing company, it will be easier for google to reference it and the world to understand what you do if it has the word plumbing in it. There are plenty of websites out there like ‘moon pig’ that the name does not directly relate to their business but unless you have an very large supply of money for marketing, make life easy on yourself and buy a domain that relates to what you do.

C.M.S. Platforms help S.E.O.

A content management system is a better way to build a website with regards to search engine optimization. Plugins are widely available to help you with your S.E.O. wich will aid you by examining your content as you write it and advising you on best practice. Take all help you can get and research the platform pros and cons to prior to beginning your web design and your life will be much easier. It is always best to be well prepared with web design (and all programming) as mistakes in planning will take much longer to correct. Plan to succeed and it will happen!

Irish Domains For Google Ireland

There is a lot of debate on this subject but its good to be informed. Some people will say that a ‘.ie’ domain will get better ranked in Ireland than a ‘.com’ domain. While I do not believe that this is always the case, it will not hurt you to get a ‘.ie’ domain. These domains cost a little more but are managed by the IEDR which is the Irish Domain Registry who need to prove that you are an Irish business prior to being granted the domain. This is different to other domains which do not require proof that you are who you say you are. It is worth noting that there is now a ‘.irish’ which is not managed by the IEDR and as such, does not prove that you have been certified as an Irish business.

Host Your Website in Ireland

If the files that store your website are saved on servers that are on the other side of the world, google may not treat your website with the results you want. One point that google likes is a fast loading website. Google likes to give its viewers what they want. if you look for something and click on the result google gives, it is important that the result opens quickly. One of the (many) factors that affects how quick a website loads is where it is stored. The best way to ensure that you get the best results is to buy hosting from a trusted Irish host – I recommend LetsHost who provide great hosting and an excellent customer service.

Write Content That Is Useful

Content is king and you just need to supply it. If you think about it, it makes sense that google will try to give good, relevant information to its users. It’s how they have dominated the search engine market. If you intend writing the website content yourself, it is vital that you look at the content from the point of view of the end user. Ask yourself; what is the most useful information I can provide for the end user and you will usually not be far from what google is looking for.

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